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January 31, 2013
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    Your alarm clock goes on for another 5 minutes before you get your lazy ass up and shut it off. "Great" you think, "another day of torture and ridicule." You hated school. You thought watching poorly acted Lifetime movies would be more entertaining. You quickly throw on your clothes and check your twitter really quick to see what your followers are up to. Well, nothing much except for the fact that your best friend landed herself a man! You remind yourself to congratulate her later. You scarf down some toast and grab a sweater as you run out the door.


    Finally! It's time for art class and you can't wait much longer. You run down the hall with your (h/l) (h/c) hair streaming behind you. You're almost to the door when "SHIT!" you barrel into some guy. "Wow good job (y/n)" you mutter to yourself. "Ow..." the dude says after you help him up. "Oh my god I am so so sorry!", you tell the - WOAH WOAH WOAH HOTTIE! "It's no big..names Dave, Dave Strider" he says with an adorable crooked smile. "I'm (y/n)" you tell him. "Well (y/n) what class are you in such a hurry for?" "Art, the only class I can really stand to be in..." you tell this adorable bundle of blonde shaggy hair, light freckled skin, and don't know what color eyes. His eyes are hidden behind some pretty rad shades. "Really? I'm headed to my art class too. Room 413, Mr. R. Jepson." "That's my class! How come I've never seen you there before?" You asked as you entered the classroom, Dave letting you enter first. "Oh my gosh he is such a gentleman" you think to yourself. As you pick a table to work at near the back of the classroom, Dave answers your question "My bro and I just recently moved here" "Oh" is all you can think to answer. "So smooth" you say to yourself. Mr. Jepson starts taking roll call. "(y/n)?" "Here!" "Dave Strider?" "'Sup?" Jepson finishes shouting out names and starts writing down the lesson for today. You return to chatting to Mr. Strider. "So why art?" you ask. "Why not?" he casually responds, "I'm more of a music guy, but why not try something new? I really love the way my bro draws so I'd figured I would give it a shot" "That's awesome! I'd love to hear your music sometime." "you should come and hang out with me after school at my place today to listen to me lay down some sick beats." "Sounds like a plan Strider" OHMYGOD HE BASICALLY JUST ASKED YOU OUT. ARE WE SERIOUSLY MAKING THIS HAPPEN?


    You chat with Dave for the rest of class and you start sketching a drawing for your best friend. "Woah girl, you got some mad drawing skills" You feel your cheeks turn pink. "Thanks Dave, you're not so bad yourself" The bell rings and it's time to leave priso-SCHOOL. "Ok" Dave says as you head out the main entrance of the school, "My apartment bulding is about 2 blocks from here." You start heading towards the building and the wind starts to pick up. You start shivering. You shouldn't have grabbed such a thin sweater today. "Hey (y/n) do you want my jacket?" "no n-" Well ok then. Too late. Dave settles his red varsity jacket around your shoulders and does this little smirk. "Thanks" you tell him with your cheeks turning pink again. You finally reach the apartment building and reach the 12th floor where Dave and his bro's apartment is. Dave knocks on the door. "Bro? You home?" "I'll get it! You hear a familiar voice say. WAIT WHAT? Could that be...DANNI? Danni, your best friend was standing in the doorway with her brown hair messier than usual and smudged lipgloss. "Um...Danni..." "(y/n)! Hey what are you doing here?" "Dave invited me over..." "Ok well I guess I don't have to introduce you guys." Dave says, shaking his head a little. You entered the apartment with dave and saw a tall, muscular, pretty good looking guy with a huge resemblance to Dave leaning on the kitchen counter. "I guess shades are a popular thing in the Strider household" you think to yourself. "(y/n), this is Dirk, the guy I was telling you about on twitter..." Danni tells you. "Oh, yeah..." you reply. "Hey, so I guess you're my bro's girl now?" you blush. "BRO!" Dave exclaims, blushing a little himself. Dave leads you out of the kitchen and past Dirk and Danni who continued their make out session, and into the living room. You plop down on the couch with Dave next to you. He wraps his arms around you making you jump a little, but you didn't mind at all. The way he held you made you feel so safe and so relaxed. He was cute after all. You laid your head down on his lap and started drifting to sleep. As you fell asleep, you felt Dave's soft lips kiss you on your forehead. "'Night (y/n)" "Goodnight Dave" you said sleepily with a smile on your face.

This is my very first Reader x ____ fanfic and my very first that I have uploaded on the web!

Homestuck belongs to Hussie
Dave and Dirk belong to Hussie
You belong to You c:

~thank you everyone for the faves~
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413! yA! oops! I Just Wwent All Tav, AND NOW I'M ERIDAN! AAAAHH!!!!
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my soul belongs to Hussie
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"you tell the - WOAH WOAH WOAH HOTTIE!"

god i love myself in this fanfic xD
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